Nanoparticles Yield (Quantification) Calculator

Nanoparticles Yield (Quantification) Calculator

Precursor Weight (mg)

Precursor Moleculaor Weight

Nanoparticle Atomic Mass

Nanoparticles Weight After Drying (mg)

Weight % of Nanoparticle from EDS


Calculation Tutorial:

STEP1: Enter the weight of the precurosr taken for the synthesis of Nanoparticles.

STEP2: Enter the Molecular Weight (M.W.) of Precursor, for example Silver Nitrate is having molecular weight of 168.87 g/mol.

STEP3: Enter the Atomic Mass of the Nanoparticles synthesized, for example atomic mass of Silver is 107.87.

STEP4: Enter the final weigth of the Synthesized Nanoparticles after centrifuge/drying (it should be without any solvent).

STEP5: Enter the Weigth Percent of Nanoparticle. It can be obtained by using the Elemental Analysis via EDS (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy). It is the weight percent of Synthesized Nanoparticle. For Example, you have synthesized Silver Nanoparticles by some method then you performed EDS and got 60 is the weight percent of Silver in your sample and other are Carbon, Oxygen, Potassium etc.
NOTE: If you have synthesize Some Nanoparticle Oxide (e.g. AgO) or some complex Metal Nanoparticle (e.g. CdS), then you need to enter the total weight percent of that metal + it's bonded element.

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