Easy Synthesis of Graphene Oxide from Citric Acid

Easy Synthesis of Graphene Oxide from Citric Acid
    Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Deionized Water, Magnetic Stirrer, Round Bottom Flask, Beaker and Dropper.
  2. STEP 1.
    Take Citric Acid (5g) in RB Flask.
  3. STEP 2.
    Setup the oil bath and set temperature to 200ºC.
  4. STEP 3.
    Put RB Flask in oil bath, when the temperature reaches 200ºC.
  5. STEP 4.
    Color of Citric acid will change to light Yellow (after 5 min), to Orange (after 30 min), to dark Brown (after 60 min). Dark Brown color solution was used for the next step.
  6. STEP 5.
    Add the Dark Brown colored liquid in 3.5% Sodium Hydroxide Solution (3.5g NaOH in 100ml of deionized water).
    Brown color indicates the formation of Graphene Oxide. You can go for Raman Spectroscopy for the characterization and explore InstaNANO for Raman of Graphene and Graphene Oxide and other characterization of Graphene Oxide.
  8. Factors Affecting Synthesis
    Time Taken in Step 4: Time is very crucial factor in the synthesis of Graphene Oxide from Citric acid in the Step 4. As the time increases the size of the Graphene sheets also increases, it means if you take 60 minutes in the Step 4 then size of the Graphene sheets will be small as compared to 90 minutes in Step 4.
    Effect of NaOH Solution: NaOH is used in the last step of synthesis as the synthesis of Graphene Oxide occurs in the basic medium only. If you increase the concentration of NaOH in the solution then the defects in the final product may increase and you will see D-Band intensity increase in Raman Spectroscopy.
  9. NOTE: All the experiments should be done under the guidance of lab Incharge; and proper lab safety instructions.

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