Graphene Oxide (GO) Washing

Graphene Oxide (GO) Washing
    Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Deionized Water, Centrifuge Tubes and Centrifuge Machine.
  2. STEP 1.
    Add Hydrochloric Acid (100ml) in deionized water (900ml) and wash Graphene Oxide with it several times for 15-20 minutes each at 5000rpm.
  3. STEP 2.
    Wash again with deionized water 5-6 times for 30 minutes each at 6000rpm.
    After washing from second step Graphene Oxide volume would be increased with decrease in density and it looks like potter's clay.
  5. Factors Affecting Synthesis
    Concentration of HCL: Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is used in the washing process of Graphene Oxide (GO) because HCL can remove/dissolve any metal impurity during the synthesis of GO from Hummers method. By using concentrated HCL partial reduction of GO may be possible.
    Centrifuge Time and Speed: Centrifuge time and speed (rpm) decide the amount of GO settle down in the centrifuge tube. At higher speed and more time washing, even smaller size GO can settle down in the centrifuge tube.
    Number of Washing: How many times you wash is very important in this washing process. More times you wash the GO, leads to good quality GO with less impurities.
  6. NOTE: All the experiments should be done under the guidance of lab Incharge; and proper lab safety instructions.

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